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Knowledge is the key to successful Upholstery cleaning. Whether it be your sofa or upholstered chair they will eventually get dirty. They are affected by every day contact, airborne soiling and general wear and  tear. This soiling is different to that found on carpets. Sofas and chairs come into contact with body fluids such as perspiration and greasy deposits from hair and skin cosmetics. Due to the delicate nature of upholstery fabrics it is important that the right equipment and techniques are used when Upholstery Cleaning. Our Manchester Upholstery Cleaners are fully trained in all aspects of upholstery Cleaning.  We clean safely clean the following upholstery fabrics Cotton, Flax, Jute, Viscose Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Modacrylic and Polypropylene Sofas and Chairs. Knowledge is the key Call Birchdale Carpet Cleaning Services for Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Manchester, Stockport and North Cheshire. 0161 731 0021

The Majority of Oriental Rugs and Carpets are hand made in the traditional way. Although more modern ones may be made on looms. These are similar in construction to Wilton and Axminister in that they are woven. Traditional Oriental Rugs consist of pile fibres of any natural protein materials indigenous to the country of origin and may contain wool or hair from goats, sheep or other animals. Modern Rugs now use synthetic dyes, however older rugs for centuries used vegetable dyes and these can be unstable.  Due to the high risk and value of Oriental rugs we recommend that you call us on 0161 731 0021 for an appraisal.


So called carpet cleaners offering huge discounts or unbelievably low prices for carpet cleaning in Greater Manchester depend on doing a huge quantity of jobs as opposed to establishing ongoing client relationship through quality workmanship. They will typically spray a detergent on the carpet and extract the water. They usually are gone well within an hour. This process will leave detergent residues on the carpet which will attract dirt and lead to rapid re staining. Spots start to show several days or weeks after cleaning as dirt gradually sticks to the carpet in that area.

Poor quality of the shelf extraction machines are used leaving carpets soaking for weeks that can mould or mildew as a direct result of the damp.

Those ‘two rooms cleaned for £49’ offers also get them into your house so they can sell you high-priced extras such as deodorisers and stain removal- As professional carpet cleaners Birchdale Carpet Cleaning provide these inclusive in the price. We do not have a generic room price we charge by the metre. Honest, transparent pricing. Call Birchdale Carpet Cleaning today for a free quotation. 0161 731 0021