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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Manchester

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Birchdale Carpet Cleaning Services are fully trained and equipped to carry out commercial carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. We Clean carpets in Offices, Universities, Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes, Hotels and restaurants throughout Greater Manchester.  Depending on the carpet type and level of soiling we can use one of the following methods to leave your commercial carpets beautifully clean.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

It works by injecting fluid into the carpet fibres and immediately extracting the fluid and loosened soil.  The Hot water Extraction Full process is as follows Thorough Vacuum, Pre treatment, Agitation (open carpet pile), Hot water Extraction including Deodorising. Drying and Grooming. For Commercial carpets we will use our commercial grade air movers to improve drying times. Hot Water Extraction is the most widely used System in Carpet Cleaning today and one of the deepest methods of carpet cleaning available.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

Primarily used for maintenance cleaning a solution is applied to the carpet and the bonnet mop, this acts as a cleaning agent and also provides lubrication.  The machine is then carefully run over the carpet to be cleaned, residual soiling transfers from the carpet to the bonnet mop. This process excels in cleaning low profile commercial carpeting. Large areas can be cleaned quickly and drying times are at a minimum. Most commercial carpets will be dry within one hour.

Dry compound commercial Carpet Cleaning Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

We will apply a dry compound to the commercial carpet evenly with an applicator. A machine with contra-rotating brushes works it into the pile. The cleaning agents within the compound losen the soils. The compound absorbs the released soiling. Finally the compound and soiling are vacuumed out using our high filtration vacuum. This method is a very good maintenance system and perfect for high use areas as carpet can be used immediately after cleaning.

Why Choose Us for your Commercial Carpet Cleaning needs?

– EXPERIENCED and fully TRAINED in all aspects of Commercial Carpet Cleaning
– QUALITY Industrial Commercial Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Machine as part of our cleaning process
– ECO friendly Chemicals from suppliers such as Prochem and Craftex. Child and Pet safe
– Carpets Can be used immediately- No downtime
– Fully INSURED via Hiscox Insurance up to £2,000,000

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